Mouse Clicks! How To Get rid of them!

I had a client in the studio over the weekend recording a vocal for her podcast. Everytime she clicked the mouse, it has come out. Could I set up some for of compression to overcome that?

If the mouse clicks are loud enough, you might be able to spot them in the spectral frequency display in Audition, if that’s the case you could use the spot healing brush to remove the mouse clicks.

…snap!! That is exactly what I did earlier!!

Going to look at buying that Izotope plug-in now…

RX 6? I can personally recommend it, it does a really good job removing unwanted noise and clicks from audio! For the future, I would recommend moving the mouse further away from the microphone and perhaps also buying a more quiet mouse.

can you just walk me through this @OleHenrik…lets say, going in to my mix are music tracks from CD’s and a vocal track recorded by me talking to the artist). The music tracks are perfect already. Would I EQ etc JUST the vocal track of the interview I have recorded and then once I am happy with that, master everything to make the complete mixed interview sound good? Is that how mastering g works…you just use it right at the end when you have bounced to a new track.



You would only EQ the track that needs EQ, in your case that being the vocal track. Mastering would generally be done to the entire file, right before you export it.

an the Ozone 7 Elements would do that last bit well would it?

If the built in presets match the type of music you are mastering, yes. If not you may need to tinker a bit more with the presets.

jazz…but my main concern is also to make sure that the tracks and my audio sit at the same levels (I’ve had issues with that) and also to make sure the interview part is as clean as possible, but I guess that comes from EQ’ing right before mastering, right?

Thanks @OleHenrik

Auditon actually has a feature for keeping levels the same across your session, right click your clips and choose match clip loudness. Ozone 7 Elements, does indeed have a few jazz preset. I would play around with those.

could I match my recorded interview to a music track, or would I say just match all to -14 RMS or -14 LUFS?

In your case, the default settings would probably work just fine.