Mixed In Key Live

Hi, has anybody used Mixed In Key Live?
Apparently works with any DAW but doesn’t say Adobe Audition on the website.

Looks pretty cool as it tell you the key and BPM of anything you preview rather than dropping everything into Mixed in key.

It’s looks a good deal in the Black Friday sale.


Looks great! I used to use Mixed in Key plenty and love the “wheel” which would help me choose tracks that mix together well. I can only imagine the live version does this all in real time.

It does say “any DAW” on the website so I’d be interested to hear if anyone tries this with Adobe Audition :slight_smile:

Yeah I bit the bullet and got it as it was really cheap in the sale.
Well worth it. I have the full version of mixed in key but it’s nice having the live version sat in the corner giving me BPM and key in audition…

Well worth a video….