Missing Native Presets when Upgrading Adobe Audition

Hi @Mike I saw you were missing the plug ins on the delete the silence feature. Same with me. Have you found how to re-install?

This is because we likely upgraded our Adobe Audition via the Creative Cloud app. You have to do an uninstall and fresh install to get new presets which is not ideal but let me check if there may be a more elegant way to do this.

yeah - I wondered that too. Seems a chaff doesn’t it! I have created my own preset which seems to work…but would love to know if you fin the answer.

@David I have the answer for you direct from the awesome Durin Gleaves at Adobe.

If you do a fresh install, or upgrade and choose not to import old preferences, those new presets should all show up.

Fortunately they are easy to recreate. Here are some screenshots:

Clean Up Podcast Interview preset:


Reduce Microphone Bleed preset:


Durin also added that these are just general presets and that most recordings will benefit from custom level values, either through the Find Levels button, or by checking the signal levels during playback.

Thanks for asking the question @David and shout out to Durin for helping with this - you’re the man!

thanks @Mike - the presets I created were not far from that, but I really do appreciate your time on this one. Cheers