Mike's Live Jingles Remix #MegaThread


So thanks to @Mike for playing his jingles with little talk over, I was able to create this little something for him as a thank you.

You can hear him laugh a little. Tried to remove it but this is the best I could get. Removed what I could without it sounding too bad, so I hope you like it.

Keep the jingles playin’!


Here are the individual cuts of the mix.

First, we start with the phone number.

Next we have the Music Radio Creative dot com cut.

Now for Audio Production and More (and More) cut.

Then the ending cut.

Those are the individual cuts that make up this final cut.

Let me know what you think.


So thrilled you enjoy the jingles @DavidHunterScot. This thread shows your dedication for sure.

Great edits considering you grabbed these from the live stream where I talk all over the jingles.

Although I don’t talk over jingles quite as much as Chris Tarrant used to on the 95.8 Capital Fm breakfast show :slight_smile:

Hi @Mike

So glad you like my versions, and considering they were taken from the live stream, they’re actually quite good for quality.

If only I had access to the full versions, my production quality would significantly improve, but you’re mean, so I have to stick with live streams. :wink:

Thank you for playing them for me so I then have the option to make those. <3

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Another little remix for you. Hope you like it!

Mike’s dedication to me.

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You are having fun @DavidHunterScot, excellent!


Awesome :slight_smile: love it! Really cool stuff!


Thanks @Izabela and @Juanmapinker, really glad you like it.

I’m really impressed with that last one. Just messed around in Adobe Audition’s Multi-Track Editor and somehow made that with the recordings I had from my previous work.

Maybe I should record some stuff from the other streams and see what I can make, as those were all from his latest.

Would be better if I had the actual jingle files, but recordings will have to do for now.

Will post what I make in this thread.

Here is the above jingle in video form as a special contribution to this community for liking my Audio Production.


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@DavidHunterScot, here’s a little audio of @Mike out of the air for a short time, leaving everything to @Izabela . All the voices were made with the “Text to Speech” technique (English, Italian and Spanish voices). The stem is from the link that @padj1 share with us. A little Neutrino plugin at the voice bus and a lot of fun on the making of.

Just having fun in a short time. (There is a little issue, I wrote “left us” but it sounds “Let us” lol). Now in spanish @Joe_Salmi : Me divertí mucho haciendo esto especialmente para @DavidHunterScot, ya que se ve que le encanta hacer experimentos interesantes. Un abrazo a todos. Now if you want to know what I just said, just copy and use the translator lol. Love you guys. Cheers!


I like that little mix of yours @Juanmapinker!

It might be in the wrong place as this thread is meant to be about Mike’s live stream jingles, but I like it nonetheless.

If you have anything else, feel free to share.

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Amazing productions!

@DavidHunterScot you’ll be giving Cassetteboy a run for his money soon with video edits like those :slight_smile:

@Juanmapinker that was an amazing use of TTS.

Are you suffering withdrawal symptoms like I am? I can’t wait to be back next week!

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Thank you so much @Mike! Your words mean a lot.

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Thanks @Mike, just having fun! and yes! it’s seems like I’m having withdrawal symptoms lol!

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This thread has fallen down the list a bit too far for my liking, so consider this a bump.

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@Mike, @Izabela, and community.

Thought you’d like these snapshots of my work for the latest release above.

Let me know what you think of the audio and the imagery of audio that I’ve created.


Some nice processing there @DavidHunterScot - not to harsh - sounds good.

There’s some pretty funky panning going on in that top screenshot by the looks of things!

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Hi @Mike

Thank you so much for listening! I thought the way I took out the “starting in 30 seconds” was good, it just goes straight into the main bed.

Might have a couple of things up my sleave for some new audio production work coming soon to a thread near you, so keep an eye out for that.

To everyone else, going back to the audio I produced then followed up with a video version, which do you prefer, just audio, or video and audio, cos if you like the video version I might make some more of those.

Also, would you like to see more screenshots of my work when I post new stuff?

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Thank you for the shout out, @Mike!


New Intro Sound for @Mike!

@Izabela might also like it.