Mike Russell Presets we need a video on how to change settings

Mike, Love the presets but can you please do a video showing us ways that we can modify things. My preset effects don’t really sound like the ones you use on your livestream. Especially Voice Chorus and Voice Echo.
Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your post! To clarify - which version of the presets are you using?

Mike doesn’t do any modification to them himself - he uses them exactly the same way as they are sold. The final sound will also depend on the quality of the recording you run via presets - it’s worth to take that into account :slight_smile:

Hey @HotMix5 here’s a SIMPLE reason you’re not getting the “SAME EFFECT” that you hear on Free Friday Jingle or any of @Mike’s tutorial videos

( drum roll )
Mike’s FINAL MIX to AIR is being routed thru either (a) additional signal gain via either hardware or software (b) additional signal compression via either hardware or software, — OR BOTH

Now what @Mike can’t control is how “RESTREAM” amplifies the signal before splitting to the various platforms and finally … ( deep breath ) the additional amplification or compression of the signal on the final viewing platform ie YouTube, Facebook and others.

I use the presets without incident understanding that there IS this final mix issue … I posted a unique question “here” a few years ago to get producers to understand this issue is VERY REAL

Hope this explanation helps :slight_smile:
Just my 2 cents

As has been said you’re comparing two very different things which is important to recognise in your own productions.

Whenever you produce something you need to be aware of the processing it will pass through so it’s not over produced. You’re hearing @Mike’s productions at the end of a processing chain and it sounds good. However the production that’s done only sounds good because @Mike hasn’t over processed it.

Sit in a radio studio and monitor the output from the desk, you’ll find it sounds very different to the output you’re used to hearing because you’re listening from the other side of the processing.

In short always be well aware of the destination of your production and leave enough head room to allow for the processing it will go through.

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