Make my voice unrecognizable

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As first, I want to say sorry for my bad English. I’m living in the Netherlands and don’t speak English very well.
By MRC, I can make jingles that I didn’t manage before in Adobe Audition. But it can be even better. Something I do not like is that you can clearly hear that it is me in the jingle. I would like to change my voice to a better jingle voice. In Adobe Auditon CC I can’t make the preset that I want. Does anyone have tips for me to make my voice unrecognizable? Thank you very much!

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Hi @Jorrit, I suppose it depends on what kind of “unrecognizable” you want it to be. My first thought will be with PITCH SHIFTER, not to agressive but I think that could be a good start if you like that way of doing. Later you can use the common effects like phaser, flanger, chorus, etc. One thing that I think it’s important, it’s not use only the presets, use them as a base but tweak them as you need or like.
If you have an explicit example of how you like to sound, share with us and someone will help you.



Hey @Juanmapinker,
Thanks for your reply! I can’t upload my jingle because I’m a new user. So I uploaded on!SU9HUCYL!ZOLviqiRA9iMTduzyBgFtpdQCq8tJZe7jG0ylvHYq1I I am very curious about your opinion. I don’t think it’s proffesional enough yet. I hope you have tips for me. :grinning::+1:

Hi @Jorrit, I took the liberty of messing with your audio. I had to apply the effects not only in the voice, I applied in the entire composition because I don’t have your multitrack session, so I did some tweaks to try to not affect as much to the music and the SFX of your audio. So, here is the original and my experiment. Just because you had the interest of manipulate your voice, but personally I think you have a terriffic radio voice, so Why to change it?




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Thank you for this example. The reason that I will change my voice is that I use the jingles for my own station. But maybe its mission impossible haha. Nice to hear that the voice is OK. I’m going to tweak again. Thanks for your tips and I wish you a good evening.

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