Major OBS update (V23 on release) 22.0.3

Nice Cado! have you try it yet?

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Yep clean install Juan.
Might upgrade GFX for supported models.
New frame dropout monitor is cool.
The ram/vram, vram/ram is well explained in the video.


This is really great news and some exciting updates in there.

OBS 23.0 still seems to be pre-release with 22.0.3 still being the version available on their website. There are some audio goodies in the upcoming OBS 23 including:

New OBS Studio Audio Filters

  • Added a Limiter audio filter. :partying_face:
  • Added an Expander audio filter.
  • Added an Invert Polarity audio filter.

New OBS Studio audio features

  • Added stereo balancing (panning) to the Advanced Audio Properties dialog.
  • Added multi-track audio support to FFmpeg output in advanced output settings.
  • Added a fourth Mic/Auxiliary audio option in Audio settings.
  • Added stereo balancing (panning) to the Advanced Audio Properties dialog.

Video Showing New OBS Audio Filters

*note to gamers

You’re talking about realtime DSP you should point out which is post audio.
Might be better to add these pre audio if they present you with issues.
Let your mic pre do the heavy lifting.

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Yep, a very valid point @The_Tone_Arranger.

All of these wonderful filters will take processing power and that can be critical for gamers who need all the juice they can get!

More features, more cpu power need it. I just install it for taking a flash .exe file to a video for using at my work. I just had to convert the FLV file to mp4. But it looks pretty well!


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Check out the browser integration. Runs flash embedded as well as Java better frame rates on webpages.

Clean install for me. Any bugs yet? @Mike

What graphics card(s) are you running in the humdinger?

Installed but not enough time to fully test yet.

I have a 1080 Ti which should give me enough power for GPU streaming :wink:

This looks like a really exciting new release for sure!