Mac vs pc question

Hello guys!

I’m planning to buy new computer, and are looking for Macbook pro. (I’ve been pc user for 10 years).

I have one question. The base 2020 model of Macbook pro comes with Intel quad core i5 processor 1.4 ghz, is this enough for using Adobe Audition and @Mike s presets? Or should I get expensive version with 2.0 ghz.

Base model comes with 8gb of ram, advanced model comes with 16.

What do you think?
What do you use? Mac or Pc?

My question would be why the switch?

Adobe audition runs just the same on PC and it’s widely accepted you’ll get far more bang for your buck buying PC plus you can spec as you see fit with a Pc where as Macs fine as they are with expensive upgrade options.

I was forced to use a Mac for a graphic design project I worked on a few years back. Was happy to get back to my PC and as someone who’s worked in audio for 30+ years I’ve never contemplated going Mac.

I have video production (TV Commercials) in mind for future projects. I think Mac can handle it better.

Do you know what are minimum or standard system requirements for audio production we do? By we, I think on radio production, commercials, voice over production. On the web usually everyone speaks about audio production in Ableton, Pro tools, FL Studio and more. People rarely speak about audio production we do.

Mike recently switched away from MAC to a PC and is raving on about how awesome it is compared to the mac he was using before (which was top of the shelf product!). @Mike can you contribute with some thoughts and ideas?

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@Izabela yes, I know! I’m your regular FJF follower! :smiley: :smiley:

My main concern is CPU. Can i7 quad core 1.4 ghz processor handel Adobe Audition well?
Or should I look for something more powerfull?

I think 8 or 16 gb of Ram should be ok, and SSD as bigger that better.

And yes, if I go with pc, here is one I plan to buy: It comes with i7 quad core 1.8 cpu (10th gen), 16 gb ram ddr3, 512 gb ssd.

Thanks @Izabela and hi @Mihael!

This is a great question. The short answer is that, yes, the lower spec Mac will work fine with Adobe Audition and my presets. There are a few things to take into account if you want more power of course :slight_smile:

Firstly, when I purchased my last iMac I upgraded the CPU to the highest end one possible. I think it was an Intel i7 at the time. This is a decision I regreted as the iMac cooling system simply couldn’t seem to handle the heat of that CPU with the fans whiring up to full almost instantly at any remotely busy task (even multitple tabs open in Chrome). The temperatures ran super hot and it wasn’t a great experience.

After reading around it seems othere (2015 iMac here) experienced the same and it wasn’t a hardware fault. Hopefully Apple have sorted this out by now as I’ve had previous iMac machines that were whisper quiet. Apple also just made an announcement that they’re ditching Intel and developing their own CPUs in house so it may be worth to hold off for more on that.

Watching this video from Linus Tech Tips there is a suggestion Apple may deliberately throttle their current Intel chips so that when the Apple chips come out everyone will go WOW :smiley:

I’ve gone fully PC now and am super happy however your mileage may vary.

Here’s everything I placed into my new PC (video below). Rembemer, CPU is good for processing all those effects (especially reverb) but you can’t beat NVMe drives for smooth playback and editing!

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