Lowering my RMS

I have tried and tried to get my RMS as low as possible but -40 seems to be the best I can do. Can anyone give me a clue? Trying to work on a project for church and I want it to sound fantastic.



  1. What is the exact problem you are having?
  2. What exactly are you looking to achieve?

@Joe_Salmi Thanks for responding

So I am working on some spoken word recordings for my pastor that the church would like to meet audible’s acx requirements so they can potential put them together for sale. Since I posted this question I have solved the RMS problem through the Meet Loudness function in Audition but the thing now becomes really why the compression makes that to tinny sounding.


Okay I’m sorry I was thinking of something completely different… Do me a favor and cut me out about a minute of your sermon and I will play with it then send you my settings.

I also edit sermons weekly and I know what your looking for.