Loud Background Noise

Hi - I have recently purchased the presets, and I started to record using the instructions by Mike Russel. But I get this very loud and annoying background sound that I do not know where it comes. With my naked ears, the room I am in is exteremly quiet. This sound comes If I use a mutlitrack recording and using the preset or even recording normally using the wavelength. I am not able to attach files as I a new user, but if you can suggest how I can attach the sample of these background noise, then I should be able to send the file and you can listen to yourself. If you could help and advise how can I get rid of these noise will be much apprecaited.


Hi Mash, could you send over the files for us to take a look at? We have taken restrictions down on attaching files by new users so you should be fine to do that :slight_smile: