Looking for DAW with CD burning capabilities

Hi… New to the forum. Looking for a new (simple) DAW with the following functions:

  1. Ability to edit (cut out dead air, etc).
  2. Ability to split a recorded file into tracks for burning to CD.
  3. Ability to burn to CD.

Occasionally local indie bands ask me to record their live shows. I then transfer the project to the computer, edit out the space between songs, then burn to CD and give to the band. I want to be able to break the show into tracks so each song will have it’s own track on the CD. I realize CDs are a dying media, but this has been working well for my purpose.

So I’m looking for a simple DAW with these features, otherwise, I don’t need a whole lot.

Not done this for a while so can’t confirm if it’s in CC 2019 but adobe audition certainly did have this feature.