Live stream Daw (Studio One 4) while using Presonus SL32 Series iii

I need your help :weary:. I bought the loopback and audio hijack but I can’t get the outcome I need.
I have a studio live 32- series 3 mixer that’s set as my Audio Interface for Studio One 4 Daw Control and I’m trying to live stream via Wirecast or OBS but can’t figure out how. Any suggestions?
Making a simple loopback profile requires me to change my Audio Device and with it my Daw Mode functionality.
I have a UAD Twin Apollo laying around which I use for its plugins as well in case that helps.

It depends what you want to achieve. You may be able to route the output using audio settings in Wirecast of OBS alone.

I use Loopback to route the output channels of my Soundcraft desk to a virtual device called Soundcraft Master. This is the virtual device I add to OBS to get all of my audio into the live stream. This is my configuration:

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You need to configure Universal Control first and foremost and route that via Loopback into your streaming software of choice.

Sit down with pen and paper if unsure and draw out the signal path to the cloud if unsure.


Thank you. I will give this a shot

Thank you. I will give it all a shot and give feedback

This worked out perfectly. I thank you and everyone that took the time out to to help.
Only slight difference in my setup is I only routed my headphone mix channels from studio one in my Loopback “studiolive master” configuration.

Note: Studio One has a cue mix facility (headphone monitor) with the little “z” in the channel to denote zero latency has been applied. Have fun making Awesome Audio.
Happy to help.