Live show on OBS Studio


Here is an idea for your VIP channel or a live show… maybe share some tips and show how to setup OBS Studio. I know how but I think everyone else would be interested to see.

I’d love to do this kind of show. Is it what others would like to see too?

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Just posed the question on my Facebook on the best way to record multiple cams in videos and the answer came back OBS. I had never heard of it until yesterday. Would be super excited to see this as a show!

I have come to strongly believe that putting audio in video is a very effective way to get it heard.


This is a really good subject, as I am struggling with my settings, myself.

Currently I am messing around with OBS and X-Split (another software to stream your screen and additional layers from webcam to skype-conversation or chat-windows).
The most trouble comes around at setting up the values for the two webcams, and the chroma keying.

So definitely YES, a video about this subject would be highly appreciated :smiley:

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It’s great to see that this is the most popular show idea so far.

Let me know what you struggle with the most when setting up OBS studio?

If we can get some questions posted here and the votes on this post up to 20 I’ll schedule the show!

If you do this, I think a good idea would be to do a more detailed walkthrough/showcase of the lower third system, seeing as how a lot of people seem interested and have been asking about it in the chat.


Thanks, Ole. That’s right.

Additionally I would be interested in setting up the audio tracks.
In my case we are talking about a M$-Win10-64bit-system containing an USB-mixer that gives a stereo mix of three soundcards (Onboard, PCIe and the mixer) as a loop back into the PC. When I start the programm, I cannot divide the different tracks properly. I always get the whole sum of signals, the mixer doesn’t matter.

Maybe, I have to swap between Wasapi and Asio? Or do I need another mixer (frankly it is more a DJ-mixer, than a PA-mixer). Or a totally different way of sorting out the tracls?

And what is it all about the “advanced audio settings”? :wink:

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It’s awesome that OBS came up as one of the top. In the church world most churches do not use OBS, not sure why but alot of them use the Black Magic Intensity to record and stream their services. I am new to OBS and I love what I can do with it. Not to mention that it’s 100% free.

There are some other livestreaming software companies out there but for the free stuff, OBS is the way to go. IMO

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OBS Studio is great and the community aspect is cool too.

I’m surprised that other paid solutions don’t appear to have Browser Overlay - something I couldn’t live without!

No one likes spending money hahaha