Live Show Duration

Hi @Mike, I heard you mention the duration of the live streams. As much as the hour long shows were a commitment for both you and I, I did prefer that format. Although the shorter format is concise and direct, I don’t feel it gives quite enough time to get granular and explore all that is going on. That and the live chat and discussion also used to throw up good topics also…just my thoughts…


I agree with David. As someone who is self taught I mainly watched the stream for the community aspect and to find out whether your ideas combined it’s those of the community could throw up fresh workflow ideas for me and possibly more efficient ways of doing things.

Sadly since the short stream the community is gone and as the streams are much shorter they are more to the point and give less opportunity to pick up on potential and more efficient ways of doing things.

I’d like to see a return to the community focussed one hour format of the “first series”.


yes i agree wth that the hour long live shows were awsume and mike should bring them back


Hour long live shows were great! @Mike bring it bacckkkkk :smile: :wink: