Ling Six Sounds

My name is Pevin and I am from Malaysia.

Currently, I am developing an application to test hearing loss among children.

This project is essential for my final year since I am pursuing Bachelor of Computer science.

I have done recordings of the sound that is required to test the hearing loss, however, the sound needs to have a specific frequency and volume.

For instance, the aa sound needs to be 40db and around 750HZ.

I am very new to using adobe audition can you guide me to adjust the sound?

I am attaching the sound graph for your reference.

Any help from your side would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You

I have done recording the audio, just need to adjust the frequency and decibels

Effects > Generate > Tones…

This is the menu option you’ll need in Adobe Audition for creating sounds at a certain frequency (tones). Take a look at this article about generating sound effects for more detail.

As for db level you’ll likely want one of these to measure that. Good luck - sounds like a fun project!

Hi, thank you so much. I will try my best.