Leveling the audio of three different recorded microphones

I am editing A recording from Zoom on a weekly basis I have three different people. The problem is that the levels vary from very low to high. I am having to go and adjust the levels manually. Is there a plug-in that will adjust those automatically? In other words an auto leveler?I am using Adobe Audition 6. I might also add that if there’s anyway to clean up the quality of the audio that comes from the use of Zoom and the users using their computer’s Internal microphone and the echo that comes from the use of that. That would be extremely helpful.

I would suggest putting the tracks on separate tracks in the multitrack, select them all and match the clip loudness to -16 LUFS.

Process each track in the effects rack after for that track. EQ as necessary for each track.

Sadly the unwanted reverb is a consequence of recording in a poor environment or with poor equipment. Certainly in the latest version of audition you have dereverb but in truth isn’t not worth bothering about. It may remove some of the reverb but it end so up degrading the sound quality to a level I’d call unusable.

Might be worth having a word and encouraging them to perhaps sound treat their space and upgrade their mic or get a good quality dynamic mic and record close mic to reject the room reflections that create unwanted reverb.