Less isolation mic

Hello, i wish to know please , does Mike microphone need less isolation than others? By other way, which Mic does not need much isolation at room ? Im using rode N1 and it still need isolation and i need to buy a better Mic if you can recommend Mike mic or other one

Thanks all

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Nothing wrong with the Rode NT1, it’s a very good microphone for it’s price range but as with all condenser mics it needs to be used in the correct environment.

Is your environment acoustically treated? If not that’s your issue right there. You could spend £1000 on a TLM103 and it would sound awful in the wrong environment.

My advice would be to add some acoustic treatment to improve the room acoustics which will give you a much better sound from your NT1.

Another option is to use a dynamic mic but I’d wager the sound you’d get from an NT1 in a properly treated environment would be better than the sound from a dynamic mic of a similar price range as condenser mics have a greater range and often better “warmth” to their sound.

Another helpful thing is dbx 286s - can help with getting better sound in not so perfect room. But ultimately - get the recording environment as good as can be first.

Hello thank you could u send me amazon libk for dbx one please ?

Thank you but if my issue can get fixed by buying a better Mic even expensive i would do

Thank you a lot , i will buy it fir sure

A more expensive mic won’t necessarily solve the issue. There are some voiceover artists who record using the Rode NT1.

Look at your environment and make sure it’s suitably treated for acoustics and also either consider adding a dbx286s or look at your post processing.