Latency While Monitoring a Recording in Real Time in Pro Podcast Presets

hello, i have a problem with this preset, with all other i buy on web everything work i do the video where i’m explain what happening. Please help.

With clean session audition it’s work, But with preset have the latency. My skype if someone can help me if i can’t resolve this need refund. Sorry for the inconvenience but if something not work it’s not to sell.

Hey there @mike91star thanks for this great question. I see from your video that you’re experiencing latency while using the Pro Podcast Presets.

Your video is a great demo of the issue and I’ve done some digging to help you out.

The more effects (and bus tracks) the more latency in Adobe Audition. We’ll never be able to get down to 0ms latency but we’d like to get closer to what you had in your video :slight_smile:

The biggest offender appears to be Speech Volume Leveler on the Podcast Host tracks. You can also remove Dynamics and DeNoise if you’re not using them. As you’ll see from my demo you need to completely delete the effect and not just have it disabled (as they already are) because Audition still takes them into account even while disabled. A bug that would be great if Adobe could fix :wink:

After this, much less latency. The final step is to route the track direct to Master and not the Podcast Voices bus. You can change this back for extra processing after recording the podcast. This should greatly reduce latency.

Obviously the least latency would be to record on a track with zero processing effects. If this would be helpful let me know and perhaps I’ll add such a feature in an update to the Pro Podcast Presets.

Here’s a video to show all the above in action. Enjoy!

Hi Mike, thanks for respond me. I will try that trick next Monday, because finally I’m in holiday.
Yes it’s need in real time when I’m on live streaming with obs, this is the reason why I bought podcast version.
Ok so I will try of course when come back.
So please don’t delete tutorial video from Gdrive until next week. :smiley:

The best way I’d say to achieve this is to disable all the effects racks while you record in the multi track and just re-enable them again when you’ve finished recording.

Think of the processing power each effect is taking and that’s where the latency comes from. By just disabling them they are all there and set the way you want them to switch them back on before you mix down.

I always do this when recording and never had a problem.

Hi Mark, ok but disabling all theme the question is why I bought this preset? :sweat_smile: i need to use this only in live streaming so in real time (YouTube and twitch).
I’m sure my pc hardware it’s not a problem,

This is my configuration…
So i will try of course disable some effects…but if need to disable all them for have minimal latency of course it’s a problem.

Maybe running through Adobe Audition for a livestream isn’t the solution unfortunately.

I don’t own Mike’s presets, I have a set of my own. I don’t know exactly what effects Mike has used but some Audition effects are very processor intense and that’s where the latency comes from.

I wouldn’t use Audition for a livestream. You may be better of running a hardware processor like the dbx286s for your mic if you are live streaming.

I use my presets for my own podcast so I disable all effects to record for latency free recording and then enable them to edit and mix down.

Hello again,
So very bad news, i come back at work :blush:
I try delete speech volume like you said and now work much pretty.
Thanks Again :heart:

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