Keeping background noise (laughing...), removing speech

Hi there,
I am here since administrator suggested to write here with my question.

We have a theater production and we use particular audio track. Public speech - 1 speaker with noise as claps, laughter and etc. We need to remove the speech of speaker and keep the background noise- clapping, laughing, whistling etc.

Please can anybody help me how we can do it and preferably on free audio software?

Thank you & greets.

The easiest way to do this is to start from scratch.

Set up an account on and find what you want, clapping, laughing etc and mix it together in Audacity how you’d like it to be.

When you search make sure to filter for creative commons zero clips

Dear Mark,
thank you for your answer. I was thinking about it, but wanted to avoid it.

Please, what are the zero clips?

Thank you!


I would suggest you’ll get a better quality sound if you start from scratch and mix your own rather than trying to removal the vocal.

Vocal removal only works depending on how a track is mixed. Audition uses a centre channel extractor to extract the centre of a mix. Music for example usually is stereo where as the vocals are mono and sit in the middle of the mix. Audition works by removing the middle bit but remember parts Music will also be in the middle so you’ll lower the quality of the bit you want to keep.

In your case as it’s probably an atmospheric recording it’s either mono so by removing the centre channel you’d probably also remove the bit you want or degrade its quality significantly. Equally it could be recorded in stereo in which case the speech will also be all over the mix so would be impossible to remove.

For that reason I’d suggest you download the elements you want and mix them yourself.

Creative Commons zero or CC0 is a no copyright reserved license meaning you a free to use the download. On free sound you can select the license on the right of the screen to filter down to just those offer with a CC0 license.

Good luck