Just installed on new laptop

I’m on Windows 10. New laptop, bought it today. Plenty of GB on storage. Checked File Manager, just running 2 things, Chrome and File Explorer.

The ERROR: Consistently crashes just after startup. I opened it the first time, went away, came back it had disappeared. Repeats the same pattern.

Boot in safe mode.
Run Windows Update for the latest drivers.
Turn off Sleep settings ie, Hard Disk, Display, Close Lid in power settings.

If error persists, I’d look at error logs and RAM issues.
Anything more serious, bring back for replacement under warranty.


What Cado said but I’d be mad as hell and bring is straight back for a full refund.
It’s up to them to find out if it’s a software or hardware problem.

It is not of merchantable quality therefore you are entitled to a replacement or a full refund. Don’t let them fob you off with the manufacturer. Your contract is with them the retailer.