JoeMeek twinQ 2

For anyone that has a budget and needs solid channel strip. I’m am going to get this one for my broadcasting studio. It has dual channel strips with transformers on mic inputs. It has no tubes, witch is good since it should be in operation 24/7.

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WOW @Saba! that is a monster of equipment!!! :star_struck: Congratulations!!! :metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::sunglasses::sunglasses::metal::metal::metal:

@Juanmapinker I wouldn’t say monster, but it would do, and next year there should be SPL Channel One on my studio desk.

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Awesome! you say not a monster, but many of us would like to have it :wink:

Looks amazing @Saba. What a piece of kit - thanks for sharing it!

THX @Mike I’m spending bit of money in next couple of months, but first, new FM transmitter is in order, old one has 13 years and It’s time to replace it with brand new one :slight_smile: happy days for me :smiley:

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FM transmitter @Saba?

Is that for your own personal use or a radio station? FM transmitters are, unfortunately, not legal for personal use in the UK. I’m curious… tell me more!

@Mike For my radio of course, i can’t have it for personal use :smiley:

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