Jingles Mastering

Hey guys, what are the best settings to master a jingle once mixed down on adobe audition?

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Hi, Bjorn.

If you don’t have the best presets, (Mike’s presets) then try NORMALIZE (-3db) and STEREO WIDENING (HASS EFFECT). That would give you a rich sounding jingle. If that’s not the sound your looking for, experiment with what Audition has. That’s what I do sometimes.


Okay … a bit of arrogance here —> but … if you are post final mixdown, then you “should” only be tweaking around the edges of the jingle.

For example … in post I want a “hint” of reverb or a “tad” of exciter on the entire file. What is “best” is a topic that will start fights on both sides of the world. You need to “play” with Adobe’s Mastering Filter presets. As an example … I have created to Mastering Presets that I will not allow a project out the door without. They are the polish to the final product. In order to use ANY mastering filter there must be headroom in the final mix that allows for stereo widner, vol boost ect …otherwise you will BRICK WALLyour jingle which is bad in 99% of all cases

And —> before someone asks ( cuz they will )
I have & will final mix most products at between -1.5 & -2db and then start Mastering Process and if a particular filter causes a BRICK WALL MOMENT then there are 2 answers for that in Adobe. Finally … & this is the SECRET SAUCE (yes that’s actually the name of one of my presets) Don;t be afraid to fail… That’s what Ctrl+Z is there for :slight_smile:

Hope that helps @Mike chime in here if you disagree please & thank you

Just my 2 Cents

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Thanks for that @MSJ!

Would you be able too share the presets with me?