Is Wirecast heavier on CPU than OBS?

OBS does not demand a powerful CPU rather it can work effectively on less powerful systems. This is the major reason for its popularity among ‘gamers’ as they can easily execute all tasks on same system without causing overload on CPU.

Wirecast requires a powerful CPU and a powerful GPU is also essential if you are running a DAW with realtime effects processing and multiple tasks like recording 4K video and using browser at the same time on your device then your performance will suffer by a great extent.

I have found running a dedicated machine for streaming to be the best option to overcome this.

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All that combination looks like a blast to the computer :open_mouth:!
As an analogy, “Boats goes to the sea as cars goes to roads”. Better to have a special equipment dedicated.


This is a great tip. I had no idea that Wirecast would take more resources than OBS. I guess I need to have a check on that to find out which is more hungry.

I do like the fact that you can stream to multiple destinations (if you have the bandwidth and CPU/GPU) from Wirecast. OBS can only send to one place.

Another way to save CPU resources when live streaming is to invest in a thunderbolt 4K HDMI capture card for your video cameras. Take a look when you’re at Vid Con next week at the Aja products. Very reliable and top quality. Perfect for your 2 person studio live stream.

4 HDMI inputs on PCIe? This looks amazing!

So the price is ~£800-£900. Is it worth grabbing one of these instead of multiple Elgato Cam Links/Capture Cards?

Go for the thunderbolt version.