Is Digital Audio Production Killing the Art of Traditional Recording?

Digital audio production is becoming increasingly popular, sparking debate about whether it is killing the art of traditional recording.

Digital audio offers numerous advantages, but some argue it removes creativity and character from recording. Ultimately, the answer comes down to personal preference, but one thing is certain: digital audio is changing the landscape of recording.

What is your opinion on the debate between digital audio production and traditional recording? Do you prefer one over the other, or do you think both have their place in audio production? Share your thoughts below!

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Digital recording works for me because i cant play any instruments so digital gives me the chance to create music ime in constant awe
of musicians there is a place for both analogue and digital whats important is the sound digital has opened a market for all creators without digital there would be no youtube itunes amazon ect ime looking forward to where technology takes us next 20 years ago it was impossible for me to broadcast my mixtapes ive been creating since the 1960s i started with reel to reel look how far wehave come