Interviewing externally using my RODEcaster Pro mixer + Adobe Audition

I am interviewing someone who has their own podcast mic (I am guessing the sound would be better this way instead of using the Bluetooth phone feature on the mixer). I have a RODEcaster PRO mixer and I am using Abode Audition on a PC and I am wondering how I hook up their sound into Adobe Audition. If I record using something like zoom, how do I get their audio on its own track in Adobe Audition?

Thanks heaps.

Hi @WSDN, Welcome to the MRC Community!

I don’t quite understand your question, are you trying to use something like Zoom as opposed to your phone over the Bluetooth channel on your RODECaster Pro?

If so, I would use Cleanfeed ( which has the option to record on the web based software. You can then import that file into Adobe Audition and edit it there :slight_smile:

Hope that helps :grin: