Internet radio licence

hi here is the link tho the ppl website

i went to the ppl website and then i went to i play recorded music

then i filled out the station details

then i got my account and i payed then the license was generated automatically

what you need to do is make sure that you a valid email address

the reson is the licensees sent to this adress

then you can print it you want to

you will also pay £189 + vat

you cay by detect debit each year as well

i do hope this helps everyone

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I remember back in 2012 you needed to keep a detailed log of every single track you played including exact durations. It was so much paperwork to do!

Thanks for updating us with the latest, for the UK at least, Liam.

your welcome mike and yes i know what you mean

the logs are still needed to be kept but i don’t think they need to be kept on the local hard drive of your mac/pc i belive its all in the cloud from the streaming provider and then it is kept localy at ppl hq

Hi Mike, I’m really interested in the Royalty Free Music radio idea. I have my own music library that I’d like to start streaming. How have you been getting on with your investigations :male_detective:

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I’m still working away on this one. I’ll post some updates on YouTube radio streaming soon :+1:

Thanks, I’m going to be looking myself…so will post what I find:+1:

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