Installation of Adobe Audition Presets Lite

I’m not finding anything anywhere on how to install/use these presents. I’ve opened the file and attempted to save a preset (Voice Female Lite) to my Effects Racks but see no actual effects listed when I do this. Therefore, I can’t actually apply this preset to any of my tracks.

Any guidance here? I found another company with a really helpful video tutorial for installing presets but these don’t seem to be following any of those steps.

Need help ASAP!


I’m new at all of this as well, and have no idea how to use the presets for podcasting. I have tried to learn as much as possible but much of this is over my head!

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I think the problem is you are trying to use presets in waveform editing, but they are a multitrack process. The presets you just open and then drop audio into individual tracks - those tracks have all the effects added on. You will need to shift from waveform editing to work inside multitrack to take advantage of them. Some useful videos from Mike on working inside multitrack here:

@kristi81 let me know if you have any specific questions - very happy to help! May be worth to post them as specific questions inside the forum.