iJingle went POOF in the night! Alternative Soundboards

I have a weekly radio show & I FREAKING LOVE iJingle!

——> Insert super sad face <—— OMG it looks like the company that created iJingle has vanished!! COVID ate them for lunch!! I’m devastated!!

Do y’all have a suggestion for a similar FAB app?

I love the ease of iJingle and the ability to pre-load all my crazy bits/spots/music for my show. I do my show at a college radio station up the road & dang you bob, it has made things super easy.

Pretty colors- Easy to navigate rows of music goodness- And so on & so on….

Any suggestions would ROCK this chicks radio world!!!

this ones is free

I’m currently using a Stream Deck for all my jingle needs (and scene changes in OBS) :sunglasses:

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PlayIt Cartwall is great, and free!

I use PlayIt software in all my live shows and I think they’re really good.

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