I want to hear everything but myself in my Rodecaster Pro monitors

People, I’m at my wits end here. I have a Rodecaster Pro, a Scarlett 2i2, a Shure SM7B and 2 KRK studio monitors, as well as a plethora of cables. I’m on a Mac if relevant.

What I want, my end goal here, is to be able to hear my Mac audio, RCP soundboard and other guests when I’m on Zoom or Teams. However, I don’t want to hear myself. All fine and dandy if I was using headphones, but I’m on video 80% of the time and I want to be headphone free in those meetings.

Configurations I have tried:

  • I went so far as connecting the monitors to the headphone (1) jack. That was great using lower quality speakers, but the KRK monitors (while not fantastic) pick up too much noise from the headphone amp.

  • Setting the audio output on the Mac to the Scarlett, with the monitors plugged in there. Setting the input as the Rodecaster. Works, but then I can’t hear anything from the Rodecaster, like the sound board.

  • Using Rogue Amoeba’s Loopback and Audio Hijack in different configurations. Might work, but I can’t figure that out. I’d like to avoid Audio Hijack all-together as most of the point of the Rodecaster is to offload the audio processing from the Mac.

There has to be a way, something I’m not grasping.

This might not be overly helpful my I use an M1 iMac, RodeCaster Pro, Sontronics Podcast Pro Mic and DT 770 Pro headphones. I mainly use StreamYard but occasionally Zoom, Teams if I guest on someone else’s show. I have Oticon hearing aids and have a Oticon Clipper 1 that blue tooth to the mac so like headphones but you can’t see them. There are in ear headphones you can get that don’t show but you can hear everyone without feedback. Hope that is of some use.

Interesting challenge. Have you thought about connecting the output of your Scarlett into a spare channel on the RCP and selecting that as your Mac audio output or even do away with the Scarlett altogether as RCP has a USB return channel does it not?

Right, the RCP has a USB channel, but it is the full multi-channel. All of the tracks get sent back, so I can’t “mute” the mic, even it’s muted on the RCP.

Since I posted, I upgraded to a Scarlett 8i6, thinking that the Focusrite Control software might let me get the routing I wanted. Didn’t really work out. However, using Rogue Amoeba’s Loopback, I was able to get something set up. I created a virtual input from the RCP, using all of the channels minus the microphone channels. Then that routes to a “stereo mix”, with the Scarlettt as the “monitor”. This is all within Loopback. It works, still don’t quite like the dependency of Loopback, I’d rather do it with the hardware.