I have my dynamic microphone connected to my DBX286S, which is connected to my SoundCraft Signature 12MTK. I do not use adobe addition, because it’s too expensive, and I tested the trial version which is not accessible for a screen reader

As I mentioned, I am having issues with the mapping of the channels using loopback on Mac for my soundcraft 12mtk. I have my DBX286S plugged into channel 1 on the mixer, and my dynamic microphone plugged into the DBX via XLR. When I do a recording through audacity, since I do not have the funds for Adobe addition, the recording only comes on the left-hand channel; this is the same for when I do a video using photobooth or QuickTime player on Mac. if anyone has a Mac, and knows how to map the channels correctly using loopback, please let me know, especially for the microphone problem. an audio recording would be best, since I learn audibly and not visually. Now if I’m doing a live stream, I want people to be able to hear my computer audio that is routed into my mixer. I can hear it perfectly fine in stereo, but other people can’t Hear my computer sound, except for my voice.