I confess - I'm not great at saving sessions and files...so that I can actually find them

Hi. I’m Paul. I’m a voice and producer in Knoxville, TN and I work in Audition CC. I record and produce lots of VO daily. I have an unlimited Dropbox account. I have been saving most of my stuff in Dropbox. Is that a proper action?

Should I be saving sessions and files into Creative Cloud or into an Adobe file or to my Dropbox in folders there.

I number all files day, month and year (071717) and all sessions month and year (0717).

Thanks for the help.

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Hey @PaulOrr.com welcome!

Thanks for sharing that with us :slight_smile:

Dropbox is fine, I use Google Drive, as I find Creative Cloud 20 GB is not enough for us. Still, it’s generous storage and I use it for libraries and logos in Photoshop and Illustrator. Maybe if Team Projects was to happen for Adobe Audition this would prove even more valuable.

May I suggest a different way to add dates? Try using the international standard (ISO 8601) like this:


e.g. A file created today would be 2017-07-18.

This helps especially when sorting files by date in folders with large amounts of data. Everything is sorted in the correct order if you label using this method.

Great to hear a little about your workflow and I hope to hear more from you here!


You can expand @Mike’s labeling if you have a regular client and give them an acronym

so it would read MRC-2017-07-18 and then add a Vx where x is the version number so you get MRC-2017-07-18-V2.

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Fantastic! Thanks. Then, if you don’t mind the next step here. Does that specific client go into their folder? Do you have a folder for them with sub folders that contain VO, produced (I produce weekly sweepers for all my VO clients) and sessions as well? Thanks again!

Hi Paul. There really is no perfect way of doing this… but one thing is true, try to eliminate spaces in your directories by using underscores. You can never be too sure what the clients system for accessing the files you produce, will be. So be on the safe side. Something like this, with the addition of @Mike and @Hot_Jazz_Chick suggestions above.

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