I can't record inside the presets

You got the presets but you can’t get the microphone to produce a recording inside them? It will not highlight the “R” to record.

ANSWER: You need to select audio device manually for each track you wish to record on. See screenshot attached.

I can record on all the host and co host and guest tracks, But i’m trying to figure out how to record into the Skype Track. I want to use Zoom instead of Skype.

I can get the zoom session going through my apollo interface but i don’t see how to get it in the preset.

Sorry i’m talking about the podcast Preset

That’s a great question @ahillstrand @Mike your knowledge needed here :slight_smile:

You’d need an interface with loopback ability at the least or multitrack capability to be able to record Skype, Zoom etc.

It looks like some Universal Audio devices support this as shown in this video:

You can also do it with software to create a virtual device that Adobe Audition can see. You can then set this up in the correct track inside the presets.

You’d want Loopback (Mac) or Virtual Audio Cable (PC).

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