How to setup or connect studio equipment (mic, interface/sound cards, mixer, pc, studio monitors...)

Hello family, for the interest of our novice brothers and sisters, please help show how to setup or connect our studio equipment (mic, interface/sound cards, mixer, pc, studio monitors…). Just primary basics. Mike and others, a tutorial is important please. thx

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In text form the interface will be the most important part of your setup.

You need to first install the software for the interface (if it needs software) and then connect that to the computer. Once you’ve done that you can start connecting devices.

Connect the microphone to your interface input. If using a condenser mic which requires power you’ll need to use an XLR lead. If using a dynamic mic that doesn’t require power you can use XLR or Jack.

Next, with them powered off, connect the studio monitors to your interface. A lot of monitors you’ll connect the left and right to just one of your speakers and a separate chord sends the signal from that speaker to the other. Alternatively connect your left and right directly to your left and right speaker if that’s how they work. Power on the speakers.

Go into your DAW and now it’s time to configure that to work with your interface. In audition it happens in two parts, first configure audio hardware to see and use your device. Using a PC that’ll be ASIO and then you’ll want to set your input and output to be your interface. Next go into audio channel mapping and set the input to be whichever channel of your interface your mic is connected on both the left and right inputs. Set your interface left and right appropriate as your outputs.

This is all off the top of my head as it’s very much set and forget so apologies if I’ve missed any steps.

Final thing to do is set your levels. You’ll need studio headphones for this part as you can’t have the speakers up while the mic is live.

Make sure your mic isn’t clipping in the interface and that you’re getting a decent signal into your DAW.

Good luck

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Thanks Mark, since i have always read your reply posts, i am very sure it will work indeed…let me pass it on to my novice friends

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