How to set up your folder organization

I would really love to see how Mike sets up his Folder Organization for all his music… Is there anyway Mike, you could post your folder tree for us to follow?


Great question @Joe_Salmi and I feel a full MRC live session about this as there is plenty to cover here. To get the ball rolling I’ll share how my root “Producer” directory looks:

It’s all inside Google Drive and our producers all work from the same read only area for production elements.

We also have a single folder for each of our talents (singers and voice overs). They upload their audio and it automatically syncs to all producers in our organisation.

All .sesx sessions get saved in a Sessions folder and there is a directory for each producer. We encourage saving media files with sessions so that there are no file conflicts if another producer needs to take the project on.

It’s the best solution we have right now. We’re waiting, hopefully, for Team Projects for Adobe Audition… nudge, nudge :slight_smile:


I love that Mike. As a Tech/DJ/Engineer/Marketer:grinning::grinning: Anything we can do to automate our process has so many benefits. One day it would be great if you could do a show on Music and File organization. I realize it may not be flashy but it is necessary.


YESSs. I need a template hahahaha…

I’m actually pretty good at file storage and organization but I do move folders left and right. I’m sure my backup program is thinking, “WHERE DID HE MOVE IT TO THIS TIME”…

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Scheduled! Wednesday, 9th August file and folder organisation on the live stream :+1:


Wish I could like this 99 more times. Thank you @Mike

@The_Tone_Arranger Here’s one for your list Cado (Wednesday, 9th August file and folder organization)