How to remove small amounts of feedback

Hello everyone. I recorded an interview with a wonderful entertainer called Wyn Calvin who’s just turned 95, the only trouble is, small amounts of feedback are picked up from his hearing aid.

Can anyone offer help how i can remove these?

Many thanks


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Thanks for posting Hayden, do you have an audio sample you could share with us? Once we hear what the problem is it will be easier to help :slight_smile:

Hi Izabela, here’s just a very small example. Sadly it happens all the way through the 1hr 45m interview. Thank you and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hayden I would look at the audio in the wave spectral frequency view of that audio track and see if I can isolate the noises.

- I would them erase them one at a time.

And here is what the result of healing like this does:

Hope this helps!

WOW - thank you so much. Now to do the hard work.

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i did noise reduction and im attaching my result, i hope to help any chance

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Good effort for sure! Although you can still very faintly hear it. Certainly a little less time consuming method haha so worth to keep it in mind especially if you have lots of issues in entire recording. Do remember - noise reduction will impact ENTIRE recording though (not just the problematic audio).