How to record desktop input and output at the same time using multitrack session in Adobe Audition CC

Hey guys!

I’m using normal headphone that has a mic comes with in-built and I don’t have a sound card as well. I’m using the default sound driver which comes with my Asus motherboard known as the driver is RealTek. The model of the motherboard I’ve is, Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming Wo-FI

So, I tried to do this by watching several videos on Youtube and I couldn’t able to find a proper way to record the online meeting with multitrack session…

Basically I’m looking to record the voice coming from my mic to the hoster track and the interview track would be record the voice coming from the other side which is Whatsapp call output.

So, I believe I could able to do this properly with adobe audition to create smooth audio for my podcast and also the spec I’ve is as I mentioned in the 1st paragraph.

Someone please guide me step by step how do I be able to archive this challenge.

Thank you!

Connect your headphone’s mic to your computer and select it as your default audio input/output device. Now open Adobe Audition and create a new multitrack session. Create two mono tracks - one for your voice and one for the interviewee’s voice.

Next you’ll need to get tracks ready for recoring.

  • Arm the first track for recording and select your mic as the input source.

  • Arm the second track for recording and select your computer’s default audio output as the input source.

Start recording and Audition will record each track separately. Once you’re done you can edit and mix the tracks to create the final output.