How to get this radio imaging voice effect?

Hi everyone. I hope theres sme on here who can help me. Im looking for a way to get this effect on a male voice i have recorded. Is it only eq and compression or is there more to it ? Its from a Dutch radiostation. Link is below.

I’m looking forward to your answer.

Jess Pedersen

Hey Jess,

I am very familiar with the Imaging of 538. Been there sometimes. And i know they use using a alot of SoundToys plugins. phasemistress etc. This sounds like lowcut EQ, with Lo Fi and distortion on it.

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I see. I’m struggeling with this male voice to make it sound just a bit like that, but no luck. I will try som dis and lofi and see if that helps. All about playing aroung with different stuff I guess.

I’m just confused. Allthough there is a low cut, the voice somehow still have some bass in it. Or mabye not.

Already tried to double the voice?

Double ? Just on top of each other or shifted ? Så it gets a little delay ?

Just Double the vocal, one with effect and the other only with processing