How to create/burn a multi track CD

What settings do I choose to send these audio tracks to a separate track for playback?

I was able to send them out to separate tracks HOWEVER, the all tracks are the same length because of the dead space before or after each track in Au. I would like each track to start and stop at the beginning and end of that specific track.

What did I do wrong?

Not sure if I misunderstood, but have you tried Audition’s CD layout file format?

In the File new menu, you can choose CD Layout file. I haven’t used it a lot myself, but all you do is get the audio files and drag them into the main window of Audition.


I might be explaining it wrong, I’ll play around with it later and figure it out.

I’m not sure I entirely understand the question but do you mean this setting @Joe_Salmi?

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@Mike What had happened was…

Track 1 (let’s say) starts at 0:00 and runs until 1:23. I want track 2 to start at the beginning of the song like every other normal CD which in theory starts the new track at 1:24 and goes on. Well my track 2 is starting at 0:00 also and doesn’t start play sound until it hits 1:24 and runs through the song.

I’ve just re-read your initial question to try and understand further.

I think I understand @Joe_Salmi. You are rendering out all the tracks and getting silences at the start and end of anything on track 2, 3, 4 etc. Correct?

You want all the tracks to start at the start and not further down the line. At the moment you have one track starting at the point in time the previous track finishes. This is not ideal for CD burning.

@OleHenrik has great advice to take a look at the CD layout function of Adobe Audition. It’s not something I’ve used for a looong time but could look into things further if needed.

I believe what’s happening here is that you’re mixing down stems from the multitrack. Stems will always include silences relative to the other audio tracks. This is so that another producer can slot all your stems into a multitrack and work from where you left off.

You’d be better off mixing down and then Save Selection As or using markers to mark each track or using CD layout to get the trims you need for CD mastering.