How to Create an Alexa Flash Briefing

I’m curious to know if anyone here is distributing their podcast to Alexa?

Perhaps you’re creating a dedicated show for Alexa. How are you doing this and what’s the best way to create an Alexa flash briefing?

I’m also really curious to know if it’s possible to do something similar but for Google Home.

Anyone here with any idea?

Are you registered as an Amazon developer?

Yes, I’ve had a little play with Amazon Lex their AI powered voice. It’s really cool!

Is it really that complex to create a flash briefing? Do you need to be a developer?

Are there any podcasting or audio hosting companies that offer flash briefing integration as part of their packages?

I’ve been researching RadioDJ and MySql Database for the ‘Transatlantic Tracks’ project and went to download the demo content and who should pop up? … Mic Rustle Esq.

Not had time to delve into Amazon but all that waiting around for validation would drive me nuts tbh. I presume it’s to ensure there is no copyright infringement and or duplicate content results from the search function.

Worth starting a dedicated thread and add me
and I’ll do some digging.

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