How much did you pay for your plugins?

Waves have a sale on at the moment, it’s a half half sale, which means you get the sale and they apply a discount code and get half that.

They always seem to have a sale on, so I wondered, is this cheaper than normal? I’d be keen to know what’s the cheapest you’ve ever paid for a plugins bundle like Gold (currently $89.50) or any other plugins. What’s the best value out there?

Check out Splice before you decide.

A rent-to-own package might suit your needs

I think that most of us likes to buy “fancy” plugins and in matter of time, we ended with a lot of them that sometimes we do not use. It’s valid to buy plugins (they are great) but some forget to know the basics of what they do. I mean EQ, compression, etc. Now we have the choice of buying a lot that makes things easier and that’s ok. But before buying we most learn the process of every tool we have in audio production. What @The_Tone_Arranger share it’s a great choice by the way. I’m actually using a couple of izotope plugins in that plan. The great thing it’s that if you do not need it for sometime you can stop paying and when you need it again you can start with the plan with all your payments that you did before.


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I can see many plugins moving to a SaaS model just as Adobe have done back in 2013 with their Creative Cloud apps. It makes sense - latest updates, available anywhere in the cloud etc.

Many will complain but everything is going that way. Look at Google Stadia. No more discs in boxes or downloading updates?! :smiley: