How Does Auto-Tune Work?

This is one of the simplest descriptions of “how auto-tune works” I’ve found!

Told in the form of a cheesy auto-tuned song with software like Logic Pro X and Melodyne featured. I’d be curious to know what you’re using to auto-tune?

I’m using Automatic Pitch Correction in Adobe Audition and also love Waves Tune.

Fundamentally wrong on so many (db) levels.

So auto-tune and clever audio engineers really can make anyone and anything sound good? :smiley:

Almost anyone @Mike but you’ve never heard me sing!! Auto tune would struggle with that.

I think that sometimes the singer is not used to perform with headphones, the feeling of the sound it’s different. In some cases a good singer at stage can sound totally different at the studio. I’m not telling that everyone but this is a common side effect at recording sometimes.


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