How come in South America there's almost nobody doing power intros?

While I’m listening to some US/Europe CHR-Hit music stations, I’ve been curious that -at least here in Chile- no one is doing power intros. Not even the chilean version of a spanish CHR radio does them, although they have them on Spain.

So I came to wonder… How about I’ll do some powerintros to see if they work fine? Here’s a demo, hope to see your opinions.


Amazing power intros there @CristobalSC!

I’ve always wondered how to make one myself, but will never be as good as the ones I hear on the radio.

If you wish a power intro produced, MRC can do that for you. Send Mike a message for more info as I believe this has to be a special request. He’s done a power intro for me before, but think it came under DJ Intros or something.

Keep up the good work for the power intros, would love to hear more.


Cool demo @CristobalSC thanks for sharing it with us!


Bien! en hora buena @CristobalSC, Saludos! (Nice! good for you. Greetings)


Hola Cristobal, estas un poquito errado, en Chile si hacemos Power Intro’s , soy post productor de Radio Carolina, si la escuchas, te darás cuenta que son bastantes, fuerte abrazo y sigamos con los post que mucho ayudan

Thats so true @DavidHunterScot they are hard to make!!

@Mike should do another tutorial on how to make them :slight_smile:

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