How can I eliminate my breathing, quickly?

My voice (thanks presets) sounds great, but unfortunately, every time I need to take a breath it comes through in the recording as well.

The “silence” button seems to work, but if I’m doing a long recording, that can take a while to get rid of everything. Is there a faster way?

Hello @Liam, instead of correcting your audio, be sure to recorded better. That means:

  • Keep a good distance from the mic because if you are to close, you will have issues like your breathing. ( a good trick is to use your pinky and thumb fingers for measure) try to do this kind of hand LOL :love_you_gesture:, extend your fingers (pinky/thumb) and put them between the mic and your mouth :microphone::love_you_gesture::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • Try to have certain angle between you mouth and the mic, just experiment in different angles.

Perhaps you think this is a silly way to show you, but it has to be funny or not? :smirk:

Hope this helps!


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I’ll try this out, thanks :slight_smile:

If you’re using Mike’s presets the likely culprit is the speech volume leveller which will be set for his voice in his environment.

You have two options. One is to put a downward expander in your effects ract before the speech volume leveller to reduce the breathes or the other is to adjust the speech volume leveller levelling amount until you’re happy with the finished sound.

The best way, as had already been said, is to work on the mic technique to reduce breath sounds at source. The worst kind are the snatch breaths because they are both short and sharp. This will take a little while to master.

As I work around I’d suggest putting a downward expander in your chain ahead of the speech volume leveller to reduce the breath sounds and leave the rest of the audio untouched so the speech volume leveller with have much less breath sound to bring up and level while still being able to do its job on levelling the desired part of the audio.

Thank you very much, Mark. I’ll try these suggestions and get back to this thread and let you know how everything worked out. I’ll first attempt to stay far enough away from the mic to lessen the chance of another problem.