How about pics of us?

Share pics of yourself so we can see us in different moods

Crazy idea but… Why not?

Hi @Juanmapinker

That sounds like an awesome crazy idea!

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So let’s do it then @DavidHunterScot, haha

This could get ugly really fast @Juanmapinker!

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OMG @Mike!!!

I’m outta here!!!

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Lol @Mike great photo!! and in a good mood also LOL :wink:

@Mike Luckily you have to pull out only two wisdom teeth, otherwise your look could be terrifying (with that mask without some frontal teeth) !:scream:


Here is another. One of my dogs playing Chewbacca lol

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Come on guys! Share!

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You’ll have to try harder @Juanmapinker… most of us, myself included, have a face for radio :smiley:

@Mike, you call yours a face? I don’t know what it is, but that’s not a face you have there.

Obviously you’re not meant to be seen, just heard! :wink:

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Lol! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: I had to try just to know each other. :wink:

My headshot!


Doing My Radio Show, One O’Clock Radio at WRIU.


Love this @cyberlarson and that’s exactly what a true radio studio should look like!


Me at my 2nd gig at school, on 13th April 2017, before Easter holidays.

Pioneer XDJ-RX Controller in Magma flightcase.


NIce @Renato.! I want one like that!!! :headphones::headphones::headphones::headphones::metal::metal:

Hi @Juanmapinker, now the new Pioneer model is XDJ-RX2 with touch screen and other improvements.

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Thank you @Renato ! nice to know

This looks like real fun @Renato. Thanks for sharing the pic with us :slight_smile: