High pitch sound behind voice

Hi everybody - I am struggling with a piece of voice audio that has a high pitched sound every time someone speaks. Its in the background, but seems disturbing. I have no idea what it is called and no idea how to remove it. Can you help?


Guessing if it only occurs during the speech then the audio has already been noise gated taking it out during the non speaking parts.

This makes it a little more difficult but if you look through the spectral frequency view you should be able to identify the troublesome frequencies.

Then you can use the parametric equaliser to remove the frequency. Select a frequency band, narrow the cue width and the pull the dot all the way to the top in the middle of the frequency area you think are the unwanted noises and then you can move it up and down until you find the area you want to remove.

Once you’ve done that take the gain all the way down and you can then work on the cue width again to remove just the precise amount of frequencies you need.


Following up on the reply from @markdenholm, there is also a great plugin by WAVES called F6 – it allows you to do precisely what Mark mentioned and can be controlled to only trigger at a specific threshold, so it does not remove that particular frequency from the entire audio track - it only takes it out when it gets too hot - in your case, if that sound is consistently there through all of the dialogue it might not make a difference, but if it creeps in and out periodically, then F6 is a winner IMO