Hi Mike. Raymond here . I have a question . Can you connect 2 microphones on Sam Broadcaster

Hi Mike my question is can you connected 2 microphones on Sam Broadcaster?

Hi Ray, sorry this is not a helpful reply but did you try to contact SAM Broadcaster support team to get an answer?

I will ask then . Thank you so much

Depends how you connect to Sam Broadcaster. If you’re using an interface such as the 2i2 as long as you set your PC to recongnise the input as mono then you’d have two microphones going in via the interface.

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There are two ways to connect multiple microphones in SAM Broadcaster @RAY

The first is as @markdenholm suggests.

The 2nd
Via a multi-channel USB Mixing Board if , '“AND” SAM sees the mixing board as an option in the VFX panel.

There is a 3rd option … it gets a little tricky
Using a “STANDARD Mixing Console” you would route from 1/4" earphone jack to the “LINE IN” on your PC, Then using a program called Virtual Audio Cable launch an MME repeater and as the WAVE IN select your mixing console & WAVE OUT would be LINE 1. Then in the VFX panel in SAM Broadcaster select LINE 1 as your input source instead of your local microphone.

I use the latter method for taking calls live on air but it’s a bit more complicated

Just my 2 cents

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Thank you so much. Let me try your idea