Hi mike how can i do hacker voice like in watch dog 2 its so amazing

Sorry to answer this one @Mike but maybe I can help @111:

-First record your voice like a “malicious voice”

  • Open a new multitrack session
    -Drag your audio at track 1 and a copy to track 2
    -In track 1, select from MODULATION menu the PHASER effect:
    -Select the “Underwater” preset: Change this “Stages=2, Intensity=50.2, Mix=30.4”
    -Select from the TIME AND PITCH MENU the Pitch Shifter effect: Change this “Semitones=-3”
    -Enable High Precision and check the “Use appropiate default settings box”

That’s it, just export it to a new file and you are done. Maybe it’s not 100% equal but I think it will work, it all depend on your voice when you record it. This I got it from another guy.

You also can put at the end some flanger :wink: (at the final mix) But this is up to you.



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