Help with getting the best audio on my YouTube channel

I’m a youtuber and has a tech channel.
I have spent lots of time trying to get the best vocal audio on my videos but I’m still not satisfied cause I don’t have lots of experience with audio editing.
So how can i get the best vocal processing to my audio on audition or audacity?!
I’m using Rode mic NT1 and Zoom H6.
I did some processing on my voice but i believe I’m doing something wrong i have a natural bass voice.
This is my voice over I don’t know what do you think about the sound quality?


Hi BeePoo83!
Visual side is great. As for the sound, there is a little bit of echo on your voice. I’d tackle this at recording stage. You’ve got a decent mic, so that’s good. Where are you recording? Can you try recording somewhere else, near soft furnishings? Somewhere that will absorb your voice and stop echos reflecting back into the mic. Perhaps on a sofa? Try that, before a more long term solution, like a homemade booth of some kind.
As for processing, can you describe what you’re doing at the moment?

Thank you so much for responding.
Yes you are correct i feel there is a bit echo or bass.
How i can reduce this in processing like Audition?!

Have a look through Mike’s YouTube videos for some tips on reducing echo in post-production. That said, why make work for yourself? The best way is to tackle the echo problem when you’re recording!

To reduce bass, try moving back from the mic to avoid the bass proximity effect (you should be a hand-span away), and when processing use a high-pass filter.

Hope this helps!