Help with audio production in protools

Hey everyone I’m new here! But I do have a quick few questions, I’ve been recording in protools and I’m struggling to get the airy-ness of the Vocal to go away I’ve tried EQ and desser but it didn’t seem to help please note I’ve never been to a class to learn how to mix I literally bought all the equipment about 3 years ago and I’ve learned a lot on my own but I would love some professional help I want industry level sound or at least something close to it haha! I really appreciate everyone thank you all

Hey there @TrueVision glad you’re getting going and welcome to the community.

I’d do a few things to reduce “airy-ness” as you call it. I’d make sure there’s good sound treatment in your recording room (use some foam tiles if you can to reduce reverb) and experiement with mic placement to get a better sound (closer is better).

Those first two you can do before even hitting the editor.

Otherwise, try some high-pass filter or parametric EQ and look at pulling out high end frequencies. You may also be referring to sibilance and you’ll find a DeEsser a great tool for reducing that. I have plenty of DeEssing tutorials on my channel so check them out too!