Help with adjusting levels

I am a volunteer at a college radio station.
The station was closed to live broadcast, so we are putting up archives.

I’ve been tasked with making them timely by taking out old announcements

Some of the files, vary drastically volume wise does Audition have a feature to adjust volume across the board so that the whole show is more consistent with volume.

I know that I can use compression/limiting, but the music seems to suffer.

The files are about 2 hours long

Hi cyberlarson
Audition has a match-volume function. Select multiple clips, then right-click to access.

You can also try this:

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You mean you’re reusing old shows and the difference volume between the different shows is the problem.

In that case take copies of all the shows and run the copies through match loudness to get shoes that are all the same perceived loudness.

If however it’s fluctuations in volume within the shows/files themselves then you are looking at compression.

I assume there’s processing in your chain from desk to broadcast? Does this include compression, AGC and limiting. If so the station output processing will take care of the volume differences?